Spending My Time With JORD

A few months ago I ditched my 9-5 to become a full-time entreprenuer - that means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nights AND weekends (the job is never done!). With that life change came a change in priorities, schedules, and how I spent my time. After all, time IS precious. So I've teamed up with JORD watches to showcase their beautiful timepieces, and to remind myself the importance of time management.

One of my favorite materials to letter on is wood, and JORD makes gorgeous timepieces from various types of wood from around the world. This Frankie 35 watch I'm wearing is made from Zebrawood native to West Africa. Considered a luxury hardwood, it has beautiful contrasting stripes, hence the name. The neutral colors make it easy to pair with just about anything! Lucky for you, you can rock this same watch or any watch of your choice. Enter this contest and you'll be eligible to win a $100 e gift code once the contest is over, and just by entering you will receive a $25 e gift code to go toward your timepiece purchase. (Sounds like a win/win to me!) You have until 2/19/2017 to enter the contest and redeem your $25 gift code. The code will expire on 4/30/2017.