Wedding Invitations: Let's Get This Straight

With constantly evolving traditions, and more brides opting for the modern twist to their wedding, the details of what should actually be included in a wedding invitation suite (other than the actual invitation itself) gets lost in the shuffle. To help you put things in order, I’ve assembled a quick cheat sheet of the what’s what of wedding invitations.


The Timeline

  • 6-8 months prior to wedding - save the date cards sent
  • 3 months prior to wedding - destination wedding invites sent
  • 6-8 weeks before wedding - wedding invitations sent
  • 3-4 weeks before wedding - rsvp date

The Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation should include names, your wedding date, the location, the start time, and the dress code – that’s it! To keep from overcrowding your main invitation, the following invitation inserts will allow you to share additional information with your wedding guests and keep your invitation looking nice and clean.

Wedding Response Cards

If you choose the minimalist route and decide to trim the number of pieces in your invitation suite, this is one that definitely must stay!

The wedding response cards, also known as the RSVP card, allow guests to let you know whether or not they will be attending, how many will be attending and their meal choice for the reception (if applicable). It should also include a response date and a stamped return envelope with your address printed on the front as a courtesy to your guests.

Alternatively, many modern brides are turning to technology in lieu of response cards by mail. Many wedding websites offer guests the option to respond via the website, which can save both money and paper!

Reception Cards

While the wedding invitation will contain details about the ceremony event, the reception card will specify the location and time of the reception. This important especially if your ceremony and reception are held at two different locations.

Directions and Maps

It is standard that you include directions or a map with your invitation as not all of your guests will know the area. You can either print directions in the same style as the rest of your invitation, or go the extra mile and have a unique map or drawing created specifically for you.

Accommodation Cards

Accommodation cards are essential for destination weddings or for local weddings with many out-of-town guests. Here you will want to include an overview of travel options, recommended hotels, in addition to your wedding website URL if you have one.

Web Sites

Your website allows you to round up everything we discussed above! All the information in your inserts should be reiterated on the website so your guests will have a one stop shop for all things related to your wedding.

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