5 Girlboss Tips For Getting your $#!* Together



With the New Year in full swing and resolutions made, many of us will find any hack or trick we can to make sure that we stay on track to reach our goals.  I’m certainly guilty. In the last few weeks I’ve probably read twenty or so blog posts, forums, and articles all about getting organized for the New Year and the different ways people maintain their planners and schedules. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, have a side hustle or are hustling in your full-time job, I’ve done all the work for you and pulled together my Top 5 best tips that I’ve read about, or have put into action myself, for getting your $#!* together!

1)   Buy a planner you love – I’ve been on the hunt for a planner that I love for quite some time. Admittedly, I’ve jumped on the planner bandwagon and only a few months after realize I just can’t stick with it. BUT, this year, times-are-a-changing.  I purchased the Passion Planner and I think I’m in love! It’s perfect for creatives as it provides you with inspirational quotes and guides you to reach your goals with monthly reflections. I also love that it was created by another fellow #girlboss, and I am always happy to support small business owners!

2)   Create a vision board – Vision boards are inspirational collages full of various images that represent your goals, your future, and the person you aspire to become.  They say that by putting your goals on a vision board, and placing it in a spot in your home where you can always see it, helps to provide you with focus and you will both consciously and subconsciously begin to work towards those things.  

3)   Clean out your inbox – I admit – I am the Queen of a messy inbox. For some reason I haven’t been able to shake this poor habit, but I am taking steps to make it right. The website unroll.me pulls all your email data and allows you to easily sort through your emails and unsubscribe from all those unwanted e-mails. Trust me, it’s refreshing AF!

4)   Keep a work journal – In a recent Harvard Business Review article, “The Power of Small Wins” – their power principle states, “Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. And the more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run.” What this means is that the more you recognize the small, positive steps you are making towards your goal, the more you feel motivated. With that being said – celebrate every tiny victory!

5) Consistency! - This tip is probably much easier said than done, but being consistent with writing in your planner, organizing your e-mails on a daily basis, and all of your other tasks, will keep you on the right track, and much more stress-free.

Do you have any organizational tips that you swear by? Please share in the comments below!