3 Mind-Shift Techniques To Gain Confidence and Channel Your Inner Girlboss

One of the questions I get asked most often is how I started Crafted and how I knew this little venture was going to work. To be completely honest, I didn't know. I actually had no clue what I was doing or if people would actually like the work I was putting out into the world. All I knew is that I seemed to have somewhat of a knack for DIY and lettering, I could learn just about anything online if I needed to, and having a little extra cash never hurt. The biggest piece of this, is that I wasn't afraid of failure. They say, "doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will," and it's something that has really stuck with me. You will never know what could happen unless you try, so for anyone who might be lacking some self confidence, and in need of an extra push, I've put together the top 3 mind-shift techniques for being a fearless girlboss. 

Photographer:  Cassie Castellaw  | Tee:  Skylar Yoo  | Location: High Voltage Asbury

Photographer: Cassie Castellaw | Tee: Skylar Yoo | Location: High Voltage Asbury

  1. Get in the habit of positive affirmations - Affirmations are positive statements that we say to ourselves. At the start of your day wake up with a positive affirmation in your mind to help carry you through the day. Maybe it's as simple as, "you got this!" or "today is going to be a good day!" By starting the day on the right foot and shifting your mindset to the positive, you are wiring your brain to believe what you say, in turn boosting your confidence and self-esteem. 
  2. Set yourself up to win - By breaking your larger goals down into small, achievable goals you are setting yourself up to win which is an instant mood-booster. Imagine that feeling crossing off those to-do's off your list, reaching those little goals one by one. You'll see greater progress, which will keep you in the game longer. 
  3. Fear, less - Don't be afraid to go after what you want. Ask for it. Ask questions. Don't be afraid of failure. You'll regret the things you didn't get to do over the things that you did. Find comfort and confidence in knowing that you gave it your all, and that's the best thing you could possibly ask for.