Learnings from the INSPR x 21 Buttons #BeyondTheInfluence Event

There’s something about attending an IRL workshop that provides invaluable learnings and life experiences. Last Friday I attended the first #BeyondTheInfluence Event in NYC. Hosted by INSPR and 21 Buttons, this workshop was an opportunity to hear from some of the best in the blogger business and entrepreneurs who have built incredible brands. To be honest, I’ve attended many of these workshops in the past, and I felt that this one in particular was incredibly well orchestrated. They put together an incredible panel of people with a variety of experiences, and really focused in on important topics that were intended to really help the audience which mostly consisted of aspiring successful bloggers. Topics included monetizing your influence, building your personal brand, creating content, and more.

As you know, my blog and business are ever evolving, and I’m still finding my true place in all of this. Going to this workshop allowed me to gain insights for my personal brand, but also help me gain insight being on the other side as a social media consultant for small businesses. Below are a few key takeaways that I pulled from some of the key speakers.

Color Me Courtney

  • What are those 5 things that you are passionate about? Define those, and stick with them. If a post or content that you want to create don’t check 3 our of those 5 things, don’t post about it.

Becca Alexander, Socialyte

  • There’s a lot more value to influencers than just numbers. Eventually influencers will be able to disrupt traditional marketing by providing value to businesses in creating the content and writing copy for big brands.


  • “I kept adding to my story, within this I was finding different passions and it was this growing and building experience” - on having different interests and exploring those opportunities.

Rebecca Minkoff

  • Take an opportunity and turn it into something.

  • Just ask, worse thing that they can say is no.

  • Be persistent, and surround yourself with people who can help you find solutions.

General Brand Building Tips

  • Spread your influence on different platforms

  • Discover how your unique lens adds to a brands storytelling when you’re pitching yourself to brands

  • Stay true to your brand and style

  • Have multiple streams of income