The Real Low-Down With Manifesting the Life You Want

“Have boundaries, make shit happen, and let your manifestations speak for themselves.”

I’ve always believed in the power of manifestation, but only understood it on a very basic level. Most of you are probably familiar with the idea of visualizing the things you want, but really, it’s a little tough to think that’s all that needs to be done in order for your dreams and ideas to manifest. I recently discovered Lacy Ann Philipps of To Be Magnetic and her teachings have been a huge game changer for me. She explains that the work comes from you instead of just hoping that things will miraculously happen. Below are a few key takeaways that I learned from a few of her podcasts as well as several readings I dove into:

  • Successful manifesting requires you to develop the self-worth to believe you deserve what it is you want - knowing that your worthy will allow the universe to take the wheel

  • If you don’t have clarity on what it is you really want, tap into your “core wants” throughout the day - start deciphering what you like and what you don’t like and that will lead you.

  • Unblock the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and surround yourself with “expanders”; when you see people who have what you want, you realize it is possible for you to have that too.

  • Start saying “no” to things that don’t serve you to allow what you really want to come through.

For more on manifestation, check out Lacy’s website: To Be Magnetic