Creative, Calligrapher, Inspirer, Blogger, Runner, Life-lover - I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with big dreams.

Growing up, we’re told to choose a path, choose a major, and choose a career. As someone with so many interests, I really struggled with that idea, resulting in switching majors several times, and bouncing from one job to another. What I eventually realized was that nothing was wrong with me, and I didn’t need to fit into the “perfect box.” Instead, I had to give myself permission to pursue the multiple passions in my life that fulfilled me.

A digital marketer for a sports apparel brand, I’m able to pay the bills while working in an industry that truly interests me. By night and weekends, I’m a calligrapher, blogger, and social media freelancer who enjoys a good cocktail, a mean sweat sesh, and a really good pair of jeans. Who says you can’t do it all?

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